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center artwork over couch

Hanging your artwork or photographs on the wall seems like it would be straightforward and easy to accomplish. However, most of us are doing it incorrectly. From the placement of the artwork to our method of hanging it, we could use a few tips.

Where on the wall do you have your pictures?

Most people make the mistake of hanging their artwork or photographs too high on the wall. Hang your pictures at eye level. What exactly is eye level? According to the standard that is used in art galleries, the center of the picture should be between 60" -65" from the floor. You can even break this rule and go several inches lower in a room where prople are generally seated, such as a dining room.

The size of the artwork should relate to its surroundings.

A small picture on a large empty wall will get lost, while a large picture will overwhelm a small wall. Pictures should be smaller than the furniture over which they hang. For example, a large painting hanging over a tiny table will look unbalanced and top heavy.

Hanging some artwork over your couch?

Similar to hanging artwork over a table or sideboard, you want the artwork to be smaller than the couch. If your couch is 72" in length, your artwork should be no longer that 62" in length.

You do not want to have a painting floating halfway between the top of the sofa and the ceiling. Your picture should hang between 4"-8" above the back of the sofa. This same rule of thumb applies to tables as well.

So, now you know where to hang your pictures. But how do you hang them?

Back in college I would hang everything using a nail and the heel of my shoe. This is not a good idea.

Use picture hooks, not nails. Should I say that again? Do not use nails.

Picture hooks are designed specifically to redistribute the weight of your picture. The weight of the picture is pushed into the wall. When you use nails, the weight pulls down, often pulling the nail right out of the wall and damaging the sheetrock, not to mention sending your artwork crashing to the ground.

Most hardware stores sell picture-hanging kits. They include everything that you'll need. Just grab your hammer and get started.

  • Lori

    I use needles to hang most pictures. Put into the wall at an angle, there are few things as strong and they leave next to no hole at all. When you move a lot, you try to to leave your mark anywhere. I totally love picture hooks for the things I have that are really big.

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