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Love the lamp you have but the lampshade has gotten dusty and dirty over the years? My lampshades all took a beating during a recent cross-country move. Instead of running out and purchasing a new shade -- anything but plain white is expensive -- why not remake the lampshade by covering it with some fabric that coordinates with your room?

You will need:

Spray glue
Paper, for tracing the pattern

Step One:
Lay your lampshade down on your craft paper, or the back of wrapping paper. Starting at the seam roll and trace the bottom of your lampshade until you arrive back at the seam. Then roll the lampshade back in the opposite direction and trace the top edge. For the most common style of lampshade, it will be a crescent shape drawing.

Step Two:
Cut out your paper pattern and place it on the underside of your fabric. Add a 1/2" allowance on each side of the pattern for tucking around the edges of the shade. Also make sure to add at least 1/2" to the seamed edge of the pattern so that you can have a smooth finished edge.

Step Three:
Cut out your fabric pattern. Spray your lampshade with the adhesive. Tip: I carried my lampshade outside and sprayed it in the yard.

Step Four:
Carefully lay your shade down on the fabric, lining up the raw edge of the fabric with the seam on the existing shade. I failed to line mine up with the seam and just started the fabric all willynilly. It looks perfectly fine when the light is off, but when you turn the light on you can see the the original seam. Ooops. Live and learn. And also turn both seams to the wall.

Step Five:
Glue the raw edges around to the inside of the shade. I used regular white glue, watered down slightly for this.

Step Six:
Here you can add any sort of embellishments that you would like, ribbon edging, fabric trim, buttons, pom-poms, tassels. I preferred the sleek unadorned look of the fabric.

For very little money -- $3 on the fabric! -- I have a whole new lamp.

For a lace lampshade, check out this step-by-step video:

  • Tammy Tracy

    love it sam just painted her room 4 colors and is looking for other things to do in there i think we will try this project

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