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bubble wrapWe brought home a new patio set last week -- for an imaginary patio that's yet to be built, but that's a story for another day. After unpacking and setting it up, I looked at the huge pile of bubble wrap sitting on my lawn. Surely, there must be a way to reuse this stuff, I thought. So after letting the kids have a few pieces to pop, I got busy looking for new ways to put it to work.

What I discovered is that besides being a fun and addictive noisemaker, bubble wrap is surprisingly versatile. I've squirreled mine away so that I can try out some of these unusual uses:

  • Use bubble wrap to line the crisper drawers in your refrigerator. It'll protect delicate fruits -- like pears -- from bruising when you toss them in. And when you forget the pears are there and discover them too late ... easy clean-up!
  • Bring bubble wrap with you to the grocery store to wrap frozen items in before bagging, ensuring they'll still be frozen when you get them home.
  • Start saving bubble wrap now for when the cooler weather sets in, then use it to winterize your delicate outdoor potted plants.
  • Create your own padded envelopes! Cut the bubble wrap to size, then use spray adhesive to glue it inside a standard envelope.
  • Tired of meal time messes? Cut bubble wrap to size and let your kids use it as a place mat.
  • Use it instead of tissue paper when you wrap a gift -- you can always add a little color by painting it first.
  • Check with local animal rescue groups, who may be able to use it to insulate dog houses and cages.
  • Are you tough on technology? Here's directions on how to make a cell phone holder out of bubble wrap. Never worry about dropping your phone again!
  • Use bubble wrap to make creative backgrounds the next time you pull out a scrapbook.

Bubble wrap still has plenty of use in it even after the bubbles have been popped. What's your favorite way to reuse it?

  • Rich

    Use it insulate your glass windows. Simply spray some water on your window glass and apply a sheet of bubble wrap. The air pockets will work as little insulators. As an added bonus, if you don't have curtains,
    the bubble wrap will give the windows a 'frosted' look.

    Another use is as a 'cozie' for your canned beverage. Cut a piece that will fit around the can and hold in place with a couple of rubber bands. Keeps 'em colder longer.

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