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white wineDo you go to your local liquor store for a bottle of wine and cluelessly wander up and down the aisles? I certainly have done that in the past. So many bottles of wine, so much of it so very expensive.

And, asking for advice on inexpensive white wine is difficult. I have received advice about which countries to stay away from, which countries I should definitely buy -- and often the advice is conflicting. People want to know what I am going to eat with my wine. Eat? Do I have to eat with it? Okay, in that case, chips and hummus. Do you have a wine to go with that? Oh, and it has to cost less than the hummus and chips.

I know I am not alone out here. So I'm donning my DIY mixology cap and have compiled my own white wine list.

This is a wine list for those of us who enjoy drinking white wine, but know nothing about it -- other than knowing whether or not we like it. There are no terms like "oaky" or "full bodied." We prefer terms like "good" or "not good," or better yet, "after a few glasses it isn't too bad."

This is a wine list for people who do not swirl their wine glass and stick their noses inside said glass. It's for people who DO NOT spit, at least intentionally. As a matter of fact, we view the spitting out of good wine as a sacrilege. This is the wine list for people who fill the wine glass to the top and take hearty sips. A list for people who like to impress their friends with how little they spent on that delicious white wine they are drinking.

These are wines I can personally vouch for as a cheap white wine aficionado. I have had all of them in the past, oh let's say, month. Even better, they all retail for well under $10 a bottle.

5 Summer Whites(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Sutter Home Pinot GrigioBarefootYellowtailFat BastardCharles Shaw

So tell me, what is your favorite cheap white wine?

  • Jake

    I'm in the middle of the road - i like to swirl my glass because its fun. and i like to smell the wine as i drink it just because it smells good. you'll never hear me pontificate on the composition of the flavors after I drink a wine though.

    i like:
    Mirassou (sp?) in addition to Sutter Home and Yellow Tail. Woodbridge is also a fine choice.

  • Tammy Tracy

    thaks for the white wines how about good cheap red ones

  • Heather's Garden

    I love Fat Bastard! I'm a cute name/label wine drinker myself. But I started drinking pinot noir pretty much exclusively about 4 years ago. Thanks for reminding me how much I like a nice cold white in the summer.

  • Maggie

    Some of my friends call it a double-wide, some a scuba tank...but either way, the large bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay (& a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly, of course)? A must for any poolside, porch or beach gathering! (YT Sauvignon Blanc is also very tasty, and the same price point..)

  • Donna

    I'm a white wine fan too...always looking for the inexpensive, tasty ones. I prefer Sauvignon Blanc. The best ones are coming from New Zealand and Chile. Some good ones to try: Brancott, Oyster Bay, Nobilo, Kim Crawford, and Villa Maria to name a few.

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