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So, now that you have taken the steps to reduce the influx of junk mail, how do you organize the mail that is still coming into your home? You need to develop a system. Remember that only you know what will work for your needs. Plenty of organizational systems sound good in theory, but might not be right for you.

This mail sorter has a place for everything in one compact space, making it easy to tuck into the corner of your desk or kitchen counter.

If you have a little more room and are looking for something that will also look attractive as well as functional, this desk top organizer will hold much more than just your mail. The Florence Desk Organizer has drawers and divided slots to hold mail, stamps, scissors, envelopes, and a small toddler -- whatever you need to tuck away.

Don't need to have something complicated. A series of attractive folders can do the trick also.

Personally, I love the streamlined appearance of this type of system. The folders can be labeled and changed according your changing needs. One idea is to label a folder with the month. Everything that needs to be filed for that month just goes into the folder. At the end of the month the folder goes to live permanently in the file cabinet. I know some of you are saying, "But everything needs to be filed separately!" To that I say, "Pshaw!" It is that sort of perfectionist thinking that prevents us from doing any organizing at all. Strive to be just good enough; it's very freeing!

Locker baskets from See Jane Work can hold school papers, file folders, and your mail, all stylishly in one place.

Limited desk or counter space?

Perhaps a hanging wall unit is what you need. It can hold all of your catalogs, magazines, and notices sent home from school. The trick is that once each pocket is full, you EMPTY IT. Do not start piling new magazines elsewhere.

Not that I know a thing about that.

Remember, there is nothing that says all of your needs have to be solved in one place. If my outgoing mail is not right next to the door, I will never remember to mail it.

This letter/key holder has a nice sleek design. If you don't have a lot of incoming or outgoing mail, it would be a great choice to handle both of those needs.

I like this for next to the back door, or perhaps entrance to garage. Hanging your keys there means that you will never leave without looking at it. Perfect if you are like me and forget to mail grandma's birthday card until two months past her birthday.

This wall mounted unit does everything but pay the bills for you. The slots are adjustable to suit your needs and can be labeled. Have more than one person in your household receiving mail? This just might be the solution for keeping all of you organized.

If you want to pull out the big guns and organize not just your mail, but your entire life, Pottery Barn has fabulous modular wall units. They can help you get a handle not just on your mail, but help organize your electronic devices, you calendar, your magazines, keys, you name it. And look great while doing it.


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