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bathroom, shower-curtain, makeoverHave you ever given a second thought to your shower curtain's height? I hadn't either, until I spotted this fantastic DIY from young home renovators John and Sherry.

Replace your average height shower curtain with a mega-sized version, which can be very hard to find, but worth it when you do. There are a few 95" fabric panels you can add your own liner to, or you can create your own over-sized shower curtain by adding to an existing one right here.

A few tips I'd suggest:
1. Lighten Up. By raising your curtain, you're decreasing quite a bit of natural light from inside the shower. Avoid heavy fabrics and dark colors to keep the space as bright as you can.
2. Suds It. Wash your shower curtain to account for any shrinkage before you display the new look. Simply throw it into a light cycle wash --- you may find you need a larger size.
3. Sew Over. For extra high ceilings, sew two 72" curtains together and BAM! -- instant drama.

Enjoy your newly enlarged space, and yes-- feel free to shower on your tiptoes to account for your new height [or lack thereof]. I sure did!



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