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Contrary to urban legend, toothpaste isn't a magic cure for a pesky pimple you want gone by morning. But it can take the itch and inflammation out of a mosquito bite.

So often, we go looking for new products to solve our new problems. But toothpaste is one of those old standby's that has multiple uses around a home. In most cases, a white non-gel toothpaste works best, and as always, test a small corner out first to make sure you aren't ruining one of your favorite possessions.

Quick Fixes

  • Got an old piano? Clean up those ivories with a little toothpaste on an old toothbrush, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. This works for newer, plastic keys as well. Also works well on silver and chrome.
  • A household pet peeve: That gunk that builds up on the bottom of the iron, then rubs off on your clothes. Use some toothpaste on a (cool!) iron, scrub off with a rag, then rinse completely.
  • College kids are savvy to this trick: When you're short on spackle, simply fill a nail hole with toothpaste, let it dry, then paint right over it.
  • Tired of tape marks on your walls? Hang your kids' artwork or small posters with just a dab of toothpaste in each corner. When you're ready to take it down, the toothpaste will clean up with water. Reviving Your Favorite Possessions
  • CDs are so delicate, they often get small scratches on them. Try cleaning them with a little toothpaste and see if you can't get your favorite song to stop skipping. Start in the center and work in a straight line to the outside.
  • Got a grubby ring and no jewelry cleaner in the house? Grab an old toothbrush and a little toothpaste and scrub away. Once you rinse, that diamond will be gleaming.

Personal Care

  • Color your hair at home? Here's a quick fix for those "oops" stains on your skin. Rub a little toothpaste on the stain and gently scrub. The toothpaste contains just enough abrasive to rub the stain out.
  • Get the smudges out of your shoes by rubbing on a little toothpaste, then buffing off with a soft cloth.

Do you use toothpaste in a fun or creative way? Share you ideas with us!

Hey, why not make your own toothpaste? Watch this video for instructions, then apply to the uses above!


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