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Did you know that air-drying your clothes can save up to 700 lbs of CO2 each year? Neither did I, and luckily for both of us, I've rounded up a few other green tips for your laundry that are 100% free to implement. I keep a list of these in my laundry room as a reminder that taking a few extra steps in my daily laundry routine can make a HUGE difference...

1. Clean out your dryer's lint trap before each use to improve efficiency, which saves energy in the long run.
[BONUS: Dryers are the third leading cause of household fires, so by keeping it lint-free, you're keeping your family safe and sound.]

2. Run the cold cycle. Trust me, it gets the job done just as well as warm, and there's even a special cold water detergent you can purchase if you don't believe me.
[BONUS: Your clothes are less likely to bleed in cold water, so when your husband throws that bright red dishcloth in with your whites, running the cold cycle will have more than likely saved your marriage.]

3. Swap bleach for baking soda or vinegar. Bleach can be harmful to the environment, so switch your bleach-infused softener to white vinegar or baking soda.
[BONUS: Both ingredients are ridiculously cheaper than softener and perform double duty when it's time to clean your kitchen.]

4. Wash in full loads to save water. Always, always, always.
[BONUS: You'll end up doing less laundry loads, which means more time with your family!]


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