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DIY*kid: Yarn Bowl

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yarn bowl

Looking at your child's messy room, wondering where to start? A good basket or bowl can make organizing a cinch. Baskets don't come cheap, though. Yarn bowls, though, aren't just great family fun -- they're an inexpensive way to help your kids keep their odds and ends organized.

The best part about a yarn bowl is that it can make use of all that leftover yarn you've got laying around from other projects. If the bowl is going in your child's room -- the crazier the colors, the better. If you'd rather display your bowl in a more grown-up area of the house, it's easy enough to choose coordinated colors instead.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Several yards of yarn, cut into foot long pieces. For interest, try using a variety of different colors or textures.
  • A play ball or a blown-up balloon -- the size of the ball will determine the size of your bowl.
  • Glue -- you'll need plenty of it, especially if making a large bowl.

Check out the gallery below for instructions on creating your yarn bowl.

How to Make Yarn Bowls(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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