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globe, world, earth, child, kidMy nephew turns 8 next month and I can't wait to attend his birthday party at the local bowling alley. In lieu of gifts, my nephew is asking for charitable donations [I know, such a philanthropist in his young age], which, if you think about it, is a very green thing to do. Here are a few other tips to make your child's bday earth [and kid!]-friendly:

1. Ask guests to wrap any gifts in homemade paper, including newspaper with food coloring, or perhaps grocery sacks.

2. Avoid giving out party favors. Instead, throw your child's party at a local zoo, kid-friendly restaurant or even park. The event will be an experience guests will remember, and a favor will be less necessary. Besides, does any child really need 14 plastic kazoos?

3. Consider an environmental-friendly theme. Use recyclable paper plates, a globe cake and share fun facts about our Earth during the party.

4. Stack a few recycled-paper coloring books and soy crayons on the picnic table for less active guests.

5. Play "hot potato" with a bouncy globe ball or run relay races with burlap sacks. The kids will be entertained for hours!

Most of all, explain to your child why he/she should consider hosting an environment-friendly party. Chances are, your child will start a neighborhood trend and before you know it, your town will be greener than ever.


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