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sink, stainless, rubber-glove, cleaningIt seems there is a cleaning solvent for every material in the world, but how do you tackle your lackluster aluminum and stainless? Without frequent maintenance, both metals can become dull and grimey. Here's a breakdown of aluminum and stainless steel products in your home to keep an eye out for, and how you can make them top-notch again!:

Aluminum Screens
DAILY DUTY: For frequent and light cleaning, wipe down with vinegar and water.
HEAVY DUTY: If your screen is badly soiled, try an automotive cleaner intended for wheels. Don't forget your rubber gloves and a soft brush, as aluminum is easily scratched!

Stainless Steel Sink & Countertops
Wipe down with white vinegar and water using a soft terrycloth or microfiber rag.
HEAVY DUTY: Sprinkle baking soda on the surface and scrub with microfiber to avoid scratching your stainless steel. Rinse well, dry and repeat if necessary.

Stainless Steel Appliances
DAILY DUTY: For fingerprints or light cleaning, use a mild window cleaner.
HEAVY DUTY: Try white vinegar with a damp terrycloth. If the stain is more resistant, I'd recommend Method's stainless steel cleaner (it smells divine!).

method, cleaner, stainless

Aluminum Cookware
DAILY DUTY: Let dirty cookware soak in warm, soapy water and rinse.
HEAVY DUTY: For more soiled cookware, try a boiled solution of 2-3 Tbsp lemon juice (or vinegar) and 1 qt water. Let solution rest in cookware for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Softly scrub the soiled areas with a gentle washcloth and rinse again. Towel dry and repeat if necessary.

Aluminum Patio Furniture
For regular cleaning, wipe a damp, soapy cloth over the patio surfaces and rinse clean. Be sure to dry thoroughly!
HEAVY DUTY: For a more soiled patio set, start with a mildly abrasive cleaner (I like SoftScrub), and scrub softly with a washcloth or soft brush until stain is lifted. Rinse clean with a garden hose and dry with a soft towel. For an extra boost, dab a bit of baby oil on the set to maintain its shine and protect the aluminum surface.

Remember, steer clean from any cleaning agent that seems moderately abrasive, and always rinse and dry thoroughly to avoid spotting and/or soap residue. Avoid cleaners containing chlorine, and never approach your metal materials wit a steel wool soap pad, as this will lead to scratching and eventual rusting of your decor and/or appliances.

Last tip? Like wood, clean with the grain of stainless. The shine will speak for itself! Happy cleaning!

  • Francesca Clarke

    I use Method cleaning products for nearly everything in our home and absolutely love them.

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