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Stop losing your keys (and marbles!) with our quick tips. Photo: Jonjk, Flickr

Am I preaching to the choir here, or am I the only one who loses her keys on a regular basis? I'm assuming I'm not alone here, but if so, perhaps you should be writing this post and not yours truly. I have, as a matter of fact, misplaced my keys four times this week. And yes, today is Wednesday.

Naturally, I'm in serious need of some memory tips. I did a bit of research and rounded up the best ways to stop losing your keys -- and start getting organized!:

1. Designate a space for your keys the moment you walk in the door. Try a key rack, bowl or tray. Never lay your keys anywhere but this designated spot. (My father used to tell me to do this with my swimming goggles, and if I'd leave them out in a place they shouldn't be, he'd "steal" them. I learned my lesson after one goggle-free lap!)

2. Try this memory tip: Repeat to yourself where you've laid your keys at the office or a party. For instance, "keys/shoes, keys/shoes, keys/shoes." Repeat the item and location seven times and you'll be more than likely to remember you'd left your keys in the soles of your tennies when it's time to leave the party. (Either that, or you'll find out soon enough when you step into oddly-shaped metal).

3. Cheat. Buy a key-finder gadget such as this one from Amazon. But please, don't use this unless you have to (for your co-workers' sake).

4. Keep a spare set in a safe place, just in case. It won't save you from losing your keychain with other important keys, but it will give you a day or two to look for the missing set in the mean time.

5. Try carabiner clips. Clip them to your purse, pockets, coat zippers; whatever you have to do to keep your keys on or near you. The empty clip will trigger your memory to link your keys in that space, and the visual reminder will work for locating them, as well.

I don't know about you, but I'll be setting these tips into practice immediately. (In fact, I'll be hitting Etsy for #1 tonight)! Good luck!



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