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I'm planning a backyard bbq baby shower (say that three times fast!), which means one thing -- I need to kick my grill into high gear, and FAST! Our DIY reel this week arrived just in time with Eric Stromer sharing his Trade Secrets on cleaning and caring for an outdoor grill.

Best tip, hands down? Keep your grill covered to avoid summertime rust, cobwebs and other gross things that you don't want crawling around your food when it's time to cook out. In addition, be sure to frequently check the propane tank, firebox, and grates. If you have heavy rust or orange hues to any, chances are they'll need to be replaced. After all, you wouldn't cook on a rusty stove, so be sure you don't cook on a rusty grill.

And while we've got grills on the brain, have you seen this cutie grill from Traeger? Ha! Cute enough to make me switch to vegan bacon... forever.

Here's to outdoor bbq fun!


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