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When life hands you lemons... clean your kitchen! Photo: Beautifully Used

Sure, there's a million-dollar industry that thrives on offering all-natural cleaning products for your home, but did you realize you could get one of the most natural cleaning agents in the fruit section of your local market? Lemons are acidic and packed with antibacterial properties; here's how to transform the fresh fruit into a universal cleansing solution:

Cut one lemon into two halves, sprinkling baking soda on the first half. Use the lemon itself to scrub dishes, countertops and sinks. Next, squeeze the second half into a clean bowl to mix with vinegar for a natural cleansing spray. Clean your appliances and wooden cabinetry with the solution.

When finished, simply drop both lemon halves down the garbage disposal for a fresh scent that will fill the kitchen. Amazing, right?

In fact, you may want to grab an extra lemon while you're at the grocer -- you deserve a spritzer for your ingenuity!


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