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Daily DIY: Quick Camping Tip

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Quick! It's your last big camping trip of the season before the weather turns cool and schedules turn [very!] busy. You forgot the charcoal and gasoline, and are in major need of some S'mores. Turns out a single potato chip can burn for over three minutes if you can scrounge up a lighter to give it a jump start. Simply throw a few chips among some brush and braches, light the chip, and you've got a campfire you can snuggle around.

Food On Fire - Funny blooper videos are here

Amazing, right? Of course, there's always the old-school method of starting a fire, but I have a feeling this is way more fun.

Don't have a campsite in mind, but want to brave the great outdoors anyway? Use your own home with these handy tips for camping in your backyard. Or, better yet, fake an evening under the stars with our fake campfire tutorial.

You'll be singing Kumbaya in no time -- with or without the roasted marshmallows. Happy camping!


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