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Every kitchen has a few eyesores, but what do you do when your appliances (read: focal points!) are embarrassingly outdated? Take a cue from our ShelterPop friends and cover those blemished babies with Easy DIY: Updates to Old Appliances.

refrigerator, chalk, chalkboard paint

An old fridge gets a new life... and purpose. Photo: Danny Seo

One of my favorite ideas is Danny Seo's refrigerator makeover with a handy can of chalkboard paint. What was once a retro embarrassment is now both fun, functional and incredibly easy on the eyes (and the wallet!). His tips for re-creating the look?:

1. Lightly sandpaper the refrigerator for a few minutes.

2. Paint a light coat of chalkboard paint directly onto the fridge. (Hint: Danny warns that this coat is going to look UG-LY, but not to worry. Every good project takes patience.)

3. When the first coat has completely dried, tackle a second coat. Let dry, and repeat. Third time is the charm, as your refrigerator will be miraculously transformed into a message center by coat three.

4. Prep for scribbles by rubbing chalk over the entire paint surface after dried. Wipe down with a damp washcloth and you're ready to play!

An instant, family-friendly makeover that you can do in a weekend. Fantastic!


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