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A clean fridge makes a happy fridge. Photo:

Cleaning the fridge is my most dreaded task when it comes to the kitchen, and I'll admit -- I often designate it as my husband's job. Something about unearthing hidden treasures at the bottom of the produce drawer really gets under my skin, not to mention the length of time it takes to really clean your fridge.

Until now. Here's a time-saving tip next time you tackle the jungle that awaits you on the other side of the fridge door...

After you clear out the contents of the fridge, remove your drawers and trays and place them in a hot, sudsy tub. No more fussing over the kitchen sink one at a time --- the bathtub will clean each piece simultaneously, leaving you time to focus on more important things (like throwing at that science expirement you formerly called yogurt).

Genius, right? For more ways to tackle those tedious chores, check out Lightning fast ways to speed-clean your kitchen. Enjoy!


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