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So by now you're officially in the swing of things, right? Wrong. Chances are, you and your family are still struggling at the idea of 6am wake-up calls, mounds of paperwork and the ever-so-present extra-curricular activity schedule. There never seem to be enough hours in the day, and definitely not enough cash in the bank. Perhaps our list of top back-to-school tutorials will make your adjustment process a tiny bit smoother... and a whole lot more stylish!:

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Creative organization is the key to a happy school season! Photo: Martha Stewart

For the cafeteria:
  1. DIY Reusable Lunch Set
  2. Martha Stewart Lunch Labels
  3. Magnetic Cafeteria Chart
Your kid will be the cat's meow in the lunchroom with these easy (and super cute!) tutorials for a lunch set and labels. Of course, you can always score brownie points with your child's teacher by creating a magnetic cafeteria chart for classroom use! You know... in case your kid isn't already brown-nosing enough for the both of you.

In the classroom:
  1. Apple Print Backpack
  2. Martha Stewart Book Covers
  3. Handmade Owl Backpack
  4. Quick Pocket Organizer
Send your kid to school prepared with DIY book covers, backpacks and pocket organizers. Who knows? Maybe they'll be the future DIY Founding Father of their class! They'll certainly be one of the more stylish munchkins...

In the craft room:
  1. Egg Carton School Bus
  2. Roll-Up Pencil Kit
  3. Tree Bark Pencil Holder
  4. Binder Pencil Case
With crafts for all ages, back-to-school can be a bit more fun. Tackle a school bus created out of egg cartons with your pre-schooler, or create a nature-inspired pencil holder for your tween. The key is, have some fun with your child before they're swamped with homework and they start locking you out of your bedroom forever!

For the teachers:
  1. Leather Day Planner
  2. Marbleized Pencils
  3. Kate Spade Downloadable Book Cover
  4. Old Pants Laptop Sleeve
Teachers deserve a bit of back-to-school love, too... right? Surprise your favorite teacher with a handmade, well-crafted gift, or even send a few of these fun ideas with your kid. Remember --- you can never be too nice to your child's teacher. After all, as far as education is concerned, the teacher is boss.

Inspired yet? Incorporate a few of these fun tutorials into your weekend and welcome school season with a bang. Enjoy, and happy crafting, school bees!


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