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mouthwash, label

This mouthwash expires after twelve months. Check your own labels ASAP! Photo: Wikipedia

So, you know you're supposed to pitch that mascara after three months, but what about your body souffle that's been hiding in the back of your cabinet for... oh, a few years. Check the label. Many products have a PAO label, which stands for "period after opening." You can spot the PAO by looking for a number followed by the letter "M", which stands for months (i.e. 36M).

Cool, right? Now if you can only remember when you purchased that souffle in the first place...

Actually, we have a solution for that, too! Simply place a sticker dot with the date of any beauty supply product you've purchased. Keep a few sticker dots in your bathroom to remind you, and you'll never forget another expiration date again.

Try the same trick in your kitchen to combat your son's yogurt-turned-scientific-experiment! Your entire family will consider you a genius, and the food poisoning hotline will happily agree.


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