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My youngest dog has finally outgrown the puppy stage where he feels the need to chew on everything that exists in a two-dimensional form. I've been saving dozens of items for this glorious moment; items that need to be repaired but that I didn't want to risk fixing until I was sure it wouldn't happen again (boy, I hope my dogs read that last sentence).

So, to congratulate my young puppy (Go, George!), we have Mr. Fix-It himself, Eric Stromer, teaching us how to repair all of those incredibly broken power cords:

Such handy advice, right? I can't wait to get my hands dirty and repair some of my own, especially with such easy instructions! So gather your tools (wire cutter and replacement plug-- that's it!), get to work, and vow never to throw out a power cord or perfectly handy tool again!

Note: If anyone wants to practice this tutorial, I have plenty of broken cords to choose from!

  • henry

    Just remember to check that the plug is wired correctly, live pin (fuse) brown wire, netural pin blue wire & earth pin yellow & green wire.

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