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How Now: Decorative Painting Techniques

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Today's how-to video comes from Home Depot, and I love some of the tips shared in this helpful tutorial. Although I'm not a massive fan of sponge painting or glaze, I love the look of color blocks, argyle and stripes using just a bit of chalk and painter's tape. Check it out!:

My favorite decorative painting technique? Stripes on stripes. Choose your favorite shade of paint in both matte and hi-gloss and tape off some vertical stripes using painter's tape. Alternate between hi-gloss and matte paint for a beautiful effect that adds both dimension and drama to the room. The look works great in a home that may need a boost in architectural elements.

The possibilities are endless with a can of paint and a few tools, and paint is one of the fastest (and cheapest!) ways to transform a room. Get to work!


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