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Daily DIY: Nuts for Wood

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Erase those wooden dings with nature's fix... Photo: The Daily Green

So, your cutting board is antique, beautiful and a family heirloom... but incredibly blemished. After all, it's been through countless salads, pastas and dinners and once hosted your aunt's prize-winning ham. Now that you've finally got it in your kitchen, your can lighting has revealed quite a few nicks from the years. Don't worry; here's a quick tip for covering any unsightly dings. And you'd never have guessed the surprising fix is in your pantry...

Split a walnut or pecan in half and rub it directly onto any wooden surface with dings and/or nicks. Feel free to snack on the remaining half while the oil from the nut absorbs into the wood. Your wood's blemish will disappear right before your eyes, making the original, pesky nick virtually nonexistent.

How's that for a snack? Boosting your protein and making over your cookware -- all in one step? Those are some pretty brilliant nuts.

  • Andy

    Ach! Why would I want to un-do all of the character and history in that cutting board?

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