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broomRid your home of cobwebs... for good. Photo: Victorian Fireplace Shop

Halloween may be just around the corner (I am so so excited to break out this how-to tutorial and rock a sandwich costume this year!), but no one likes a spider web inside their home. Chances are, you rid the webs with your household broom, but how do you keep them from coming back?

Easy. Next time you broom-tackle those spiders, dab a bit of lemon juice onto the bristles of the broom. Turns out, the feisty arachnids don't react well to citrus, so you're likely to ban them forever. Bonus? In the process, you'll be ridding your home of tons of other pesky critters, including ants, flies, scorpions and earwigs.

Just another fabulous use for a fabulous fruit.

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