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wool, yarn, dryer ball

Homemade dryer balls are easy as pie. Photo: Tipnut

Ditch the dryer sheets, balls and expensive infomercial products; you can get static-free clothes with a few household items you can easily find in your own pantry, kitchen or garage. In fact, before dryer balls were invented (can we even think back that far...?), there was another handy ball that kept clothing soft, bouncy and fluffier than ever. Curious yet? Go on; take a guess. (Hint: it's in the garage!) Give up yet?

The tennis ball! To keep fabrics soft and cling-free, toss three tennis balls into your dryer and run them through a cycle. You'll be amazed at how softer your clothes come out, and you've saved a few bucks along the way!

Not a sports fan? Try this crafty DIY dryer ball version that boasts just a few key supplies: yarn, pantyhose, socks, scissors, crochet hook and measuring tape. You probably have each of those items at home, so forget the excuses and get to work now!


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