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lemon, arrangement, vase, floralLemons in your floral arrangement? Absolutely! Photo: Alys Kenny

I have a friend who is the most talented florist you'd ever see, and I'm continuously awe-struck by the sort of things she gathers and puts together to create an elaborate arrangement. Hopefully I can sneak some of Josie's tips on creating unique floral arrangements into my memory for the next time we get together...

I love the idea of layering vases, and it looks so easy to do! Simply stack smaller vases into larger ones, much like a nesting doll effect. Add lemons (plastic slices are best so as not to harm the flowers!) around the lining of the larger vase to camouflage the interior, and you've got a tight space to fit large flowers, but a large vase to match the scale!

The look is absolutely gorgeous. I love the concept of mixing grocery items into flower arrangements, such as coffee beans, lemons and oranges, so naturally, this is right up my alley!

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