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dog, couch, leatherFido can relax on the couch as long as he'd like with this handy tip! Photo: Canine Supply Info

Good news and bad news. The good news is your newly-adopted wheaton terrier has officially adjusted to your household and feels right at home. The bad news? Your newly-adopted wheaton terrier is officially adjusted to your household and feels right at home. On your couch. Your newly-adopted leather couch, to be exact. Don't fret. Dig through your kid's backpack to find a quick fix for those unsightly scuffs.

Curious? The eraser of a pencil will cause that scuff mark to virtually disappear right before your eyes! Another reason why back-to-school is sometimes the happiest time on earth.

Bonus? You can also use the eraser of a brand new pencil to clean an LCD monitor or computer monitor, as well! Be sure to rub lightly and use a clean eraser, as graphite marks on the eraser can cause additional scratching to the monitor.

Who knew your new favorite cleaning solvent would rest in your child's classroom?

  • Jim K

    I'd be very careful using a pencil eraser on my LCD screen. Some erasers contain a grit that will irreparably mess up your screen. And even brand-new erasers can become hard and leave a nasty streak behind. I really don't think this tip is worth the risk.

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