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forkStick a fork in it. Photo: Nait.Ca

My uncle used to carry the coolest tool belt around everywhere he went, whether or not there was a construction project involved. Upon further inspection, I once found the usual suspects: power drills, nails, bolts, and ... a fork?

Turns out a fork was his secret weapon for when his young [cute, of course] niece offered to help him hammer in a few nails. To protect his fingers, he'd hold the nail in place with the prongs of a fork rather than his hand. The trick worked perfectly and he single-handedly (no pun intended) blended the duties of kitchenware and power tools. Go, Uncle!

Of course, you can also make use of a fork in the garden for turning over soil and/or harvesting potatoes. Or, use the hefty prongs to take out those double knots in your son's sneakers (that he's just so darn proud of!).

Proof that forks belong in and out of the kitchen.


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