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I've got apples on my mind this week, and it's not just because I visited an orchard yesterday. There's something about fall that makes me crave the delicious red fruit in any shape or form, whether it be bobbing for apples, sipping a warm cup of cider or engaging in a few, fun apple-icious crafts! I've rounded up a few of my favorites (for every room in your home!) below for your autumn enjoyment. Let the apples begin!:

apple, paperback book, book, craft, fall, autumnNo bookworms in this apple! Photo: Cheeky Magpie

In the kitchen:
For a delicious apple recipe, try apple and cheese pancakes. They sound a bit odd, but are both healthy and indulgent at the same time. I love waking up to a Saturday morning batch of these yummy pancakes when the weather turns colder!

In the bathroom:
Try Grandma's Apple Pie lip balm! All you need is a few key ingredients, including apple scented oil, beeswax and jojoba and aloe vera oils. The tutorial is right here and is easy as pie. Grandma's Apple Pie, to be exact.

In the craft room:
Have a spare paperback book? Why not turn it into a statement piece with this easy paperback apple tutorial from Cheeky Magpie. Better yet, surprise your favorite teacher or librarian with this homemade gift. They'll be touched... if not offended you've defaced literary work. But probably just touched.

In the bedroom:
You've closed your windows with the cooler weather, and now your room smells stuffy and stiff. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and tap water into a spray bottle and mist your room with the solution. The vinegar will absorb any unwanted stenches and replace the odor with apple cider goodness!

In the backyard:
Of course, there's a use for rotten apples, as well. Ever heard of apple golf? Pretty self-explanatory, so head to your backyard driving range and let the games begin! (Watch out for disgruntled neighbors and play fair. No one wants surprise apple juice on their property...)

In the living room:
Want instant artwork with pizazz? Take a cue from this first grade classroom's recent art project and create apple prints worthy of framing. Put your own spin on the craft by experimenting with colors, textures and frame sizes.


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