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Keep the flies at bay with basil. Photo: More Quality Less Clutter

A trip to the farmer's market last week had me stopping to smell the flowers, and unfortunately -- spotting the flies. Fruit flies were everywhere and happen to be one of my biggest pet peeves, so as soon as I returned home, I did a bit of research on how to fight the good fight. Fortunately, the solution happens to be found at my local florist!

A potted basil plant's scent will drive those flies away. Although humans find basil's strong aroma to be pleasing, and in some cultures, healing, flies despise the scent. A few other herbs flies like to steer clear of? Lavender, elder and mint. Try a few herbs as centerpieces for your next outdoor party and watch the flies fly far, far away.

Want a more inexpensive solution that won't upset your allergies? Vinegar water keeps bugs at bay all through your home. Proof that you can stay bug-free this fall without toxic sprays and/or solutions.


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