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garbage can, trash can, side table, chiassoAdd a circle of glass and you have it -- instant designer side table! Photo: Chiasso

Think you need to spend the big bucks for a Platner piece? Think again. In fact, a trash can could do the trick just fine. And yes, I'm being serious. Chiasso has a new garbage can that looks oddly Platner-inspired. Why not cut a circle of glass over the opening and call it what it is --- a designer side table!

Even better? You can get a circle of glass cut for a few bucks at your local glass or framing store, turn the table on its end and for around $30, you have a designer-inspired side table. Try finding that great of a deal at your favorite big box retailer.

Proof that to get an aesthetic of high design, you don't necessarily have to pay a high price tag. In fact, design is in the (sometimes trashy!) details.


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