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Daily DIY: How to Make Bacon Cups

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A breadless BLT never looked so appetizing. Photo: NotMartha

Everything's better with bacon, whether we're talking bandages, mints or even [eek!] air fresheners. As a massive pork fan myself, I'm amazed to find these yummy looking bacon cups, courtesy of NotMartha. Want the recipe? You got it...

To create the cup shapes, Megan used the back of this Wilton King-Size Muffin Pan, which are the width of jumbo muffins but are almost twice as tall (see this cupcake for a visual). Megan used two layers of bacon on the sides and wove it like a basket. She notes that for as floppy as the bacon is when trying to weave it, it keeps its shape really well once cooked to the point that it is crisp.

Megan then set the oven at 400 degrees and carefully formed foil over the back of the muffin pan. She cooked the bacon, moving the pans around, until it was crisp and waited for it to cool before removing the foil and shaped bacon.

Genius, right? I'm amazed. Go, Megan!


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