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lawn chair, patio chair, patioLearn to re-web a patio chair in four easy steps! Photo: Shelterrific

It's time to put those patio chairs back into storage, but first --- why not re-web those few chairs that are in major need of some TLC? Shelterrific shows us how to re-web your chair using basic screws:

1. Measure and cut the length of the strip that you'll need.
2. Take the cut edge of the strip and fold each side in to form this lovely pointy end. Turn the strip over and insert the screw directly through this point so it holds the flaps together.
3. Screw into the hole on the chair. Weave the strip through existing webbing and repeat the folded point on the other side, securing with screw through the hole on that end.
4. Remember to factor in the bit of extra length you'll need for the chair to open and close fully.

Sure, it takes a bit of hard work, but you'll be glad you did it next spring when you remove immaculately-woven chairs from storage.

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