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I have a massive procrastination issue. I believe it started somewhere in university, where you could often find me face-down in a pile of unfinished classroom notes and study guides -- cramming for that inevitable 9 a.m. exam.

Not much has changed in recent years, although rather than the aforementioned study guides, you'll often find dinner party recipes, article deadlines, and -- this month in particular -- costume ideas for that dreaded Halloween party.

This year, I've vowed to change my ways and am getting started early. Yet, for those of you with chocked-full schedules that are anticipating a very late Halloween Eve, feel free to check out these last-minute costume ideas that have saved my procrastinating buns in the past. Each costume requires very little craft knowledge on your part, and should be easily compiled with household items. Ready? Let's get started!

static-cling, costume, halloween, diyHey -- Who invited the static cling? Credit: Time Out New York

1. Static-Cling
What You'll Need: Dress normally and pin a few pairs of panty hose, a dish towel and dryer sheets to your clothing.
Bonus: You'll get a few laughs, and will be the comfiest (sans pins!) in the room.

2. Paper Shredder
What You'll Need: A stack of paper. When someone asks you what your costume is, tear a piece of paper in half and proclaim "I'm a paper shredder!"
Bonus: You can use your spare paper for all of those phone numbers you'll be sure to get.

3. Nudist On Strike
What You'll Need: Dress normally and create a sign out of posterboard, cardboard, or whatever you have on hand. Poster should say "Nudist On Strike."
Bonus: Trust us -- no one wants any other kind of nudist at their party.

4. Aircraft Carrier
What You'll Need: Steal a toy airplane from your little brother, or make a paper airplane of your own. When someone asks you who you're dressed as, hold the airplane high and announce "I'm an aircraft carrier!"
Bonus: You still have one spare hand to hold your drink!

5. Refrigerator Magnet
What You'll Need: Spray paint a shoe box black and attach it to the back of your shirt. Instant refrigerator magnet!
Bonus: Your sense of humor just might magnetize a new date.

Proof that Halloween can be both fun -- and affordable -- this year, with or without the late night procrastination! For more Holidash highlights, head on over to Holidash right here.


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