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Jump for this fall's newest DIY trend: active silhouettes. Photo: Jolie Ruben, Time Out New York

I love the timelessness of silhouettes, yet how the ways in which silhouette projects materialize are so, so versatile. This project from Time Out New York is a fun, quirky example of implementing a seemingly-stuffy concept into a more lighthearted environment.

The steps are easy enough:

You'll need:
• Old photographs or a camera and printer to make new ones
• Black construction paper
• Scissors
• Tape
• An assortment of picture frames

1 Find a photograph of a loved one in an active pose. Or gather friends and stage new shots specifically for this project. The more dynamic the photo, the better.
2 Cut out the figure from the photograph.
3 Trace the figure onto black construction paper and cut it out.
4 Tape the new silhouette onto white paper and insert into frame.
5 Repeat the process and arrange the frames so that each silhouette seemingly interacts with the adjacent figures.

That's it! Get to it, folks!


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