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A Canine Celebration

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dog, pet, rooster, bulldogDon't let the rooster crow before you've celebrated your pups! Photo: Flickr, The Rochester Canine Playgroups

OK, you officially have two weeks to dream up how you'd like to celebrate your Halloween. Chances are, candy and pumpkins are included, but have you remembered the most important part? That's right --- your furry friends! After all, Halloween is one of the few times it's publicly acceptable to dress up your dog (unless you live on the west coast, that is).

This year, I plan to throw a Howl'O'Ween Party for my pups, and in fact, I detailed the planned experience over on Holidash. Whether you want to throw a bash for your beagle or a party for your pug, I've made a handy little list for all included!:

1. Host your party at a park, or a home with a large, fenced-in yard to give the dogs plenty of space to run around. A happy dog makes a happy guest, and a happy guest makes a happy host!
2. Send out invitations (addressed to the dogs, of course!) to no more than six of your closest pet-toting pals. Too many pets in one place is never a good idea, and do your best to choose dogs that are socially-adapted.

3. Keep a lidded garbage can, pooper scooper and trash bags handy for unexpected "treats."
4. Purchase a few Halloween-themed dog treats (I love these adorable carob dog cookies!) and invite a local dog trainer to come teach your old dogs new tricks!
5. Plan a fun, entertaining game such as a pet costume contest or craft. Award the winners with extra treats (or tricks, if you're feeling naughty!).

Of course, you'll have to start planning wardrobe necessities right away, and we've got you covered in that arena, as well. I love this sweet little bumblebee costume and think it would be just perfect for my Yorkipoo, who, aptly enough, causes my head to buzz.

Moral of the story? You've got two weeks to plan a fun and eventful evening with your four-legged friends. At the end of the night, your dogs will go home exhausted, leaving you to enjoy your Hallow's Eve bark-free. Woo-hoo! I'll howl to that!


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