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I'm being literal here --- I once vowed to grocery shop only at the 99cent store in Los Angeles for an entire month. Although I filled up on quite a few Teddy Grahams, generic Goldfish crackers and granola bars, I found that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to put together a few nutritious meals every now and then. And after stumbling upon this video, I've learned even more tips to use! Want to see for yourself (of course you do!)?:

A few key tips to keep in mind!:
1. Always check expiration dates. Dollar-store items sometimes have a short shelf life.
2. Keep your pantry stocked with staples that are not always available in dollar stores, like butter.
3. The five best dollar-store buys are cleaning supplies, gift wrap, snacks, shampoo, and kitchen accessories.

That's it! You'll be a dollar store shopping pro in no time!


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