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Daily DIY: Yo! Crafting Club

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Photo: Gallery Hanahou

Who needs "practical" items when you can transform them into a quirky character with needle and thread? That's the question at the heart of the work of Ossu! Shugeibu, the super cool and macho guerilla crafting club from Japan!

Ossu! Shugeibu was founded in 2003 by Shoichi Ishizawa and seven of his male friends, none of whom had any background or skills in crafting. They were interested to find out what inexperienced but creative men could do with traditionally female crafts. The resulting "club" became a fun and inspiring community meeting on a regular basis.

Translated into English as Yo! Crafting Club, Ossu! Shugeibu is fueled by a mix of testosterone and pure creativity uninhibited by rules or conventions. Using repurposed materials and freestyle techniques, founder and president Shoichi Ishizawa inspires his myriad club members - men and women who have participated in his workshops - to create surprising craft art without any prior experience in the traditional crafts.

Want to see some Ossu! Visit NYC's Gallery Hanahou where the exhibition is currently taking place; it's a true inspiration for DIY folk worldwide!

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    Those are some great ideas for reusing everyday items! Thought you may be interested in checking out a site that also has some great

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