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play-doh, treat, fun, toyPhoto: Holidash

It seems every child I know these days is allergic to something. Whether it be dairy, soy, milk, food coloring or preservatives, feeding children is getting tougher by the minute. So how do you come up with a non-allergenic treat to hand out to the kids in your neighborhood? After all, you don't want an angry parent knocking on your door at midnight, waving an E.R. bill in your face.

Don't worry. There are plenty of inedible treat ideas that are sure to make the kiddies smile, whether or not they can ingest them in five seconds flat. In fact, with these goodies, you could be the most popular street on the block! Check out some of my favorite inedible treats from our friends at Holidash:

For ages 2-4:
For the tiny Tiggers that come knocking on your door, why not offer a mini can of Play-Doh? A case of ten is just $4 at Target, and the color selection is endless. Not only will the little tikes be happy, but parents will love your ingenuity when they don't have to fight the sugar rush that evening!

For ages 4-6:
So what's in store for the pre-K Piglets? Try a few glittery, washable tattoos that are sure to put a smile on any child's face. And at just $4 for 75 tattoos, the price will put a smile on yours.

For ages 6-10:
Don't worry -- we haven't forgotten the pre-teen Poohs. Give them a bit of anonymity this year with DIY Halloween masks. You can purchase a set of 24 for just $3 -- the perfect price for a great holiday.

For ages 10-14:
For the "too-cool" Eeyores in your life, why not pass out a few DIY Halloween bookmarks? The kids can create their own, or you can get them started with a few kooky designs yourself. The kit is just $5 for 12 -- the perfect price point for the few almost-teens that are brave enough to set forth on Hallow's Eve.

Proof that a sugar-free Halloween can be just as exciting -- and affordable -- as your candy counterparts.


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