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mustard, condimentPhoto: Good Ketchup

Tis the season to be jolly... and cook like a maniac. I find myself spending more and more kitchen as the weather drops a few more degrees, and although I don't necessarily enjoy cooking, I do love the smell of homemade dinner on the oven! What I don't love is the amount of finger burns I've accumulated from my hot cookie sheets, scalding tea kettles and fireside marshmallows. No worries; in my adventures, I've learned a secret tip to keeping those digits pain-free after a burn! Hint: It's in your pantry!

Curious? I'll give you another hint: You put it on a hot dog and it rhymes with custard. Yep --- mustard! But not just any mustard will do the trick; you want to rub spicy mustard on the burn directly. Works like a charm, and I have a funny feeling it heals the wound just as fast as the leading drugstore brand.

First aid from the condiment aisle? Sure!


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