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Daily DIY: Nikki'o'Lantern

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pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, candle, candlelit

Photo: Sunset Mag

I love everything artist Nikki McClure creates, and her latest pumpkin carving for Sunset Magazine is no exception. She's kindly provided the stencil for those of you who weren't born with Nikki's mad illustrative skills (which is basically everyone, right?). I can't wait to tackle my own Nikki'o'Lantern! Sure beats the usual Martha Stewart pattern...

Here's how to do it!:

1. After downloading, tape the template to a clean, dry, and hollowed-out pumpkin.

2. Using a pushpin, prick closely spaced holes along the outline of the design, making them deep enough to be seen when you remove the template.

3. Remove the template. Following the pinpricks and taking care not to cut all the way through, use a small carving chisel or linoleum cutter to outline the design. With a larger linoleum cutter, remove the rind within the outlines and scrape out some pumpkin flesh (the deeper you go, the more light will shine through). Add texture and dimension by varying the direction and depth of your carving.

4. Light your pumpkin. A votive candle is traditional, but for more illumination, use a battery-powered or outdoor-rated electric light; carve out a hole for the cord if necessary.

That's it --- happy carving, and thanks, Nikki!


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