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Window treatments can make or break a room, but sometimes installations cost a fortune. Want to know how to install your own window treatment on a budget? Look no further!:

Easy enough, right? And of course, we've got a few tips and a bit of window history to inspire your project!:

1.If you're mounting the blinds inside the window frame, mark the end brackets at least an inch and a quarter from the face of the glass so the blinds won't touch it.
2. Rubbing wax on the screws before you install the brackets will make them screw in more smoothly. A candle works well.

Did you know that the early Egyptians tied together reeds from the Nile River to create an early version of window blinds? Crazy, right? Good thing all you have to do is head to your local hardware store. Ahhh, such a comfortable life we modern-day folk live.

Good luck!


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