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onions, fingers, hand, knife, blade, onionPhoto: Smile O Smile

Wow, that sounds a lot more harsh than necessary. Did you realize that you can remove the scent of onions and garlic from your fingers by gently sliding the face of a stainless knife across them? Sounds like a joke, but it's true! Gently is the operative word, guys -- unless you'd like to get a bit bloody for Halloween this year.

And yes, it's kitchen hack week here at DIY Life. For more fun and inventive ways to make things easier for you in the kitchen, check out a few of my favorite DIY Life articles below!:

1. Out of cleaning supplies and no time to re-stock? Clean your entire kitchen with one lemon.
2. Have an extra towel rack laying around and collecting dust? Turn your IKEA towel rack into a condiment spice shelf.
3. Learn your freezer know-how: 20 Foods That Freeze Surpisingly Well... and 20 That Don't.

  • cromag

    Y'know, you can also use a stainless steel spoon or ladle, then there is no possibility of blood loss. Also high end kitchen-y type stores sell a little gadget to do this, its a chunk of stainless steel roughly the size and shape of a well used bar of soap, but buying one of those isn't really a hack.

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