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Decided to host a few friends over this weekend? Holidash shows you how to throw together a Halloween party... in 24 hours or less!:

Queen of procrastination here, and as usual, I'm spreading the gospel of how to handle your habit of last-minute planning (not that I'm encouraging you to postpone your responsibilities, but hey -- we all have to embrace our flaws, right?). If you're not a fan of impromptu party-planning, feel free to roll your capable eyes and ignore everything I write. But -- if you're normal and it's slipped your mind that you've invited the neighborhood moms over for dinner and a trick-or-treating send-off (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...), listen up. This one's for you:

How to Throw a Last-Minute Halloween Party

Gather a few items from around your home that could easily double as seasonal decor. I once decorated an entire table setting with items from my garage, so it can be done. Think creatively: a kaleidoscope as a vase, chalkboard as a menu, vintage scarves as placemats. Or, if you have a bit of time on your hands for a quick craft, ShelterPop shows you how to whip up a quick spider web table runner out of some black felt. Don't have felt? Use your husband's sweatpants. Trust me; he won't notice.

Can you say 'take out?' Order some chow mein and label a place card with the words "monster brains." An egg roll doubles as "troll's fingers" and the fortune cookie? Let's just rename that "message from Hell." Serve some store-bought apple cider and put the coffee pot on --- it's gonna be a late night getting those sugar-infused kiddies to bed...

Does anyone really enjoy games anymore? I suppose you could bob for the proverbial apples, or celebrate old school with a fun game of Old Maid. The most important form of entertainment is conversation, so put on your hostess hat and have fun!

See how easy that was? Forget changing your ways; procrastination isn't such a bad thing after all!

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