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I love DIY hacks in the kitchen. One of my favorites is this easy secret about cutting onions. To prevent the waterworks show when slicing this potent vegetable, simply hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth (but don't breathe through your nose!). You'll still be able to breathe, don't worry, but you won't have to explain to your guests that really, nothing's wrong -- it's the onions.

Of course, there are a ton of other onion hacks for the kitchen, and most can be found right here at DIY Life. Let's take a look, shall we?:
-For an instructional video including 5 tips for slicing onions without crying like a baby, visit How to Dice an Onion.
-Sure, onions are full of flavor, but did you know they could juice up your iPod (literally?). Find out more at Charge Your iPod With an Onion.

Clearly, onions just got a whole lot sweeter.

  • russ

    i'll try this tongue trick but the ipod + onion video is a hoax.

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