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Yep, our friends at Holidash even have you covered this Halloween. Whether you're a lover of DIY or a lover of TV (or perhaps a lover of John Krasinki, which is ... umm, every girl I know), Holidash has a tip for your 'The Office'-inspired costume. Which character will you be this year?

Read on!

It seems everyone I know has a love/hate relationship with The Office. I'm on the love end of the spectrum, perhaps because I'm living vicariously through the show. After all, I work in my pajamas at the kitchen counter, so wouldn't it be fun to channel my inner office employee for the day?

For me, that day is October 31st, where I plan to trick-or-treat with a few friends as our favorite characters from The Office. Want to see the list?:

Jim Halpert

Wear: Harness your Halloween look with 3-hole punched Jim, or go as everyday Jim with a long-sleeved Oxford shirt and tie.
Carry: A messenger bag and your heart on your sleeve.
Finishing Touch?: A perfected Stanley impression and a few emergency packs of Jello.

Pam Beesley
Wear: An outdated work outfit, preferably button-up and longer skirt. Oh yes, and loafers.
Carry: A 6-pack of Mixed Berry yogurt.
Finishing Touch?: A half-up permed hairdo and plenty of harnessed flirtation.

Michael Scott
Wear: A business suit and receding hairline.
Carry: An unhealthy affection for your boss, Jan Levinson. And, of course, keys to your Sebring convertible.
Finishing Touch?: Add a spare head on your shoulder to harness Michael's Halloween look.

Dwight Schrute
Wear: A yellow, short-sleeved Oxford shirt with a mismatched tie, brown slacks and glasses.
Carry: A grudge against your nemesis, the 3-hole punched paper, Jim Halpert.
Finishing Touch?: Pit stains. You didn't grow up on a beet farm for nothing.

Kelly Kapoor
Wear: Anything from Bebe.
Carry: A perfectly-coordinated clutch purse to match your well-manicured nails.
Finishing Touch?: Grab a random guy and make out with him. You know, to make Ryan jealous.

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  • Diane Rixon

    Ha, great ideas! I'm a big fan of The Office, too. I love Pam's slightly outdated work-wear as well: I love how she's always wearing knee length skirts with tights which is outdated and was also extremely uncomfortable to wear. Well, for me anyway, and I always see what she's wearing and rejoice that I don't work in an office anymore!! Well, next year's Halloween theme, perhaps...

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