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Halloween has officially come and gone, and it's time to start thinking about more important things -- like Thanksgiving! I'd love to do something fun and festive this year and am highly considering a turkey pinata. After all, we'll need some candy to wash down all of that turkey, right? I spotted this easy DIY pinata video and am ready to get my hands dirty in the name of the holiday!:

As you watch the video, keep a few important tips in mind:
1. Use plain white paper for the last layer so you have a clean base for decorating.
2. Acrylic and fabric paints work best.

And, as usual, a bit of history to complement your project!:
1. The traditional Mexican pinata is an orb with seven cones attached to it, representing the seven deadly sins. The cones are topped with colorful streamers.
2. In Mexico, smashing open a pinata is a Christmas tradition.

That's it, folks --- have fun and be safe!


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