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Photo: Cool Nails Art

I hate cooking when I've got bandages on my fingers, because, in my opinion, nothing is grosser than a wet Band-Aid... especially when I'm hanging around food. Good thing I learned this awesome tip yesterday:

If you've nicked yourself in the kitchen, clean the wound and disinfect, then let dry. Coat the cut with clear nail polish for a simple waterproof bandage that stays on for days!

Of course, clear nail polish is good for quite a bit of things, including its well-known use for fixing a run in a pair of pantyhose, but did you know DIY Life has ten more awesome uses for nail polish? It's true; read more right here:
-10 Nifty Uses for Nail Polish... One for Each Finger!

My favorite tip? Avoid rust rings from a can of shower cream or shave gel by applying fingernail polish to the bottoms of the metal containers. Genius!

  • Calin

    Hey, thanks for the tips, they are great for any one who is a DIY maven, and especially those nail technicians, or ladies getting nail training

  • Calin is a great place to get that nail training :)

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