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vinegar, bottle, white vinegarPhoto: Bon Appetit

Vinegar is one of those all-time best-in-show sort of kitchen items to have around, because it can perform so many different life-saving duties. In fact, here's one that I recently learned -- perfect to add to my ongoing list of Why Vinegar is Awesome:

If you have an electric tea kettle with a bit of calcium build-up on the heating element, don't fret. Simply boil a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, then empty. The calcium will flush out along with the vinegar mix, leaving your tea kettle fresh, new and smelling cleaner than ever.

For more incredible vinegar uses, check out these DIY Life articles:
-Place white vinegar in your washer at the beginning of a laundry load; it will both freshen and soften the clothes being washed.
-Half-fill an open travel mug with vinegar and leave it in your car's cup holder for a day to eliminate any vehicle odors.

  • John - 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

    Wow vinegar has many applications. It is also like my absolute favorite for salads!! I will have to test this out, it will save me a lot of scrubbing!

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