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Photo: Luigi Anzivino

Planning a yummy, carbo-filled dinner for tonight? Save that boiled water from pasta, boiled eggs or potatoes and feed them to your plants. They'll love the nutrient-enhanced water from your culinary creation (but make sure you cool it first!) and you'll have a built-in reminder to water the plants for the evening! Always a plus, especially for someone [read: me] who routinely forgets to water her green friends.

Of course, there's much, much more you can do with boiled water -- including the age-old survival tip of boiling dirty water to purify it into drinking water. Yes, it can be done! Don't believe me? Check out the article, along with a few other great water tips from the fine folks at DIY Life:
-Wildnerness Survival Tip: Purify Dirty Water
-DIY and Save: Mix Your Own Sports Drinks
-Homemade Water Sprinkler


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