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Daily DIY: Clumpless Brown Sugar

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I've heard a variety of different methods for keeping your brown sugar de-clumped, and to be honest, I'm a bit wary of each one. Here's a breakdown of what the grapevine says about keeping your brown sugar fresh --- why not give it a shot and report back with your findings?:

According to ThriftyFun:
Store brown sugar you plan to save for later baking in an airtight container with a fresh slice of bread. The moisture in the bread will keep your sugar soft, moist, and ready-to-use. When the bread dries and hardens, simply replace it with a fresh slice. You can feed the old, dry one to the birds and squirrels.

From WiseGeek:
If your brown sugar is hard as a brick, you can restore it to a usable consistency by placing it in a tightly sealed container with an apple wedge for one to three days.

From WiseGeek:
You can purchase a terracotta disk at many kitchen supply stores that will keep your brown sugar free flowing.

Which sounds like the real deal to you? Any brown sugar tips you swear by?

  • Julie

    I put a few mini marshmallows in my brown sugar and somehow it keeps it moist and fresh!

  • Lindsaybits

    The bread trick works - both for making keeping clumps from developing in brown sugar, but also for unclumping brown sugar long after it's gotten rock solid. Used this trick many times over the years.

  • Heather

    The terracota stone WORKS! I bought one recently and it turned a brick of brown sugar into soft, fresh brown sugar. I was amazing!

    Another "free" trick that works: Store your brown sugar in the freezer and take it out 30 minutes before you need it and it will be soft.

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